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About Us

“By no means am I an authority on this very delicate subject. In my opinion, the most important piece of a family business is that you never lose sight of the fact that you want the family aspect to be ingrained in the culture.

The way we have chosen to run Fisk Industries is not only to recognize the ‘actual’ family, but to treat others in the business as part of the ‘extended’ family. We have managers who we rely on to run the business. Some of these managers are actual family and others, extended family.

They are responsible for their own areas and they make their own decisions. There is mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance, which are at the core of any good relationship, whether it be a family business, marriage or friendship.”

Stephen Adler, CEO
Fisk Industries

A family company built on innovation

Fisk Industries is a leading innovator manufacturer and distributor of high-performing personal care and beauty products..

The story of Fisk Industries began nearly 50 years ago, as the modest home business of husband and wife team, Stephen and Claudia Adler. As a qualified pharmacist, Stephen has had a keen eye for discovering new products that filled needs in the marketplace that were underserved or unfulfilled. 

From our classic "Mom & Pop" beginnings, Fisk Industries has grown into a leading manufacturer and distributor, selling products in over 100 countries across the globe.

Fisk's growth over the years has been fueled by an ability to introduce new ideas to the market every 60-90 days, staying in-tune with the ever changing needs and desires within the marketplace, while focusing on providing quality products to consumers at a fair cost.

Fisk has built its business by developing long-standing relationships with retailers, distributors and consumers with brands that deliver products that are effective, progressive and fairly priced. 

Our Brands Include:

Cover Your Gray
Hair Chemist Limited
Daggett & Ramsdell
Hair One
Nature's Spirit
Betty Beauty
Irene Gari
Lisa Rachel
Steve & Sons
and many more...

Based 20 miles outside of New York City, Fisk Industries is headquartered in Orangeburg, NY.  Over the years, our headquarters has expanded beyond our corporate offices, to incorporate a manufacturing facility and fulfillment warehouse.

Within a fast paced industry and ever-changing market trends, Fisk Industries expansion further enables our company's mission to deliver high quality, creative products with speed and efficiency. 

Fisk Industries believes in the development of ideas... expanding them and pushing their limits to create products for our brand consumers that will deliver results they can trust.