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Arlo's Hair and Beard Oil with Castor Oil 8 oz.

by Arlos
SKU: FS91062AR UPC: 021959910622

Case Pack Information: 12 Units



Hair and Beard Oil

Our amazing 99% natural Castor Oil blend is both a beard and hair oil that provides a boost to overall hair growth.

This powerful blend will thicken hair, stimulate hair, beard and mustache hair growth and strengthen that Fu Man Chu!

These light, non-greasy oil moisturizes, protects and refreshes your hair daily. It's 99% natural, absorbed quickly and the result will have the ladies fighting for the chance to nuzzle up to you.

How To Use

To use our hair and beard oil, simply disperse a dime-sized amount into your palm, distribute over the fingers of both hands and gently rub in.

Easy Arlo's Dispensing - Proudly Made in USA