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Difeel Elite ProGrowth Hair Treatment for Hair Growth with Biotin, Argan and Rosemary Oils 3 oz. - Biotin Hair Treatment for Hair Growth

by Difeel
SKU: FSEL07-PGR30 UPC: 711716663112

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Hair Thinning Treatment

Difeel Elite hair treatments are highly effective expertly curated formulations for natural hair care. Unisex hair growth treatment men and women with Biotin, Argan & Rosemary Oils.

Hair Growth & Thickening Formula

Difeel Elite Scalp Care is expertly formulated with Biotin Oil, Argan Oil & Rosemary Oil to help promote hair thickening men & women, and encourage healthy hair growth. 


Biotin Serum for Hair Growth

The rich thickening hair treatment stimulates follicles while fighting thinning hair at its source. 

Hair Thickening and Growth

This hair growth hair treatment is a botanical blend of rich extracts and natural oils. Helps stimulate stronger, more fortified hair follicles.


Biotin Hair Growth Serum

Ideal treatment of hair loss, thinning while encouraging hair growth. This hair thickening serum for women and men is made with natural ingredients. 

Easy Difeel packaging - Made in USA


3 oz. / 90 ml