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Difeel Growth and Curl Biotin Premium Hair Oil 7.1 oz.

by Difeel
SKU: FSSH16-GCB80 UPC: 711716122329


99% Natural Hair Oil Blend with Biotin!

Natural Oils for Hair

Difeel Growth & Curl Biotin Premium Hair Oil is formulated with Biotin and Wavemax, a plant-based active ingredient for proven long-lasting and defined curls.

Hair Oil Treatment

Our 99% natural premium oil blend helps promote natural, healthy hair growth while improving overall thickness.

Curly Hair Care

This expertly crafted hair oil is formulated with Biotin, part of the vitamin B family that plays a vital role in the health of your hair. A lack of Biotin can lead to hair loss. 

Curly Hair Oil Treatment

This pro-growth blend strengthens hair, enhances waves and curls, while encouraging healthy hair growth.

Hair Oils for Hair Growth

Easy Difeel Dispensing - Proudly Made in USA

8 Ounces / 75 ML