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Difeel Ultra Growth Basil & Castor Hair Growth Oil 8 oz.

by Difeel
SKU: FSSU49-GRO80 UPC: 711716810219

  • GROWTH OIL: Difeel Ultra Growth Hair Oil with Basil & Castor Oil is a unique nature based essential oil formulation infused with Basil & Castor Oil which is known to help promote hair growth.
  • GROWTH HAIR OIL: Helps stimulate and nourish hair follicles and the scalp as well. Designed a to revitalize, strengthen and protect the hair.
  • GROWTH OIL FOR NATURAL HAIR: Recommended for weak, thinning hair including balding and receding hair. Helps add softness and shine. Ideal for all hair types.
  • HAIR GROWTH TREATMENT OIL: Apply oil to towel dried or damp hair. Let it soak in and wait a few minutes before brushing, combing or using dryers, curling irons or other styling tools.
  • NATURAL HAIR GROWTH OIL: Easy to use Difeel packaging and dispensing.