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Real Basic Even Brighter! Skin Duo 1 oz.



Serum for Brighter + Even Skin

An intensive serum with 8% Ascorbic Acid, optimized with Ferulic Acid, and infused with Kombucha will help rejuvenate and energize dull skin, and will work hard to noticeably brighten and even out your skin’s appearance.


Serum for Dark Spots

Pigmentation issues like spots and dark blotches are notoriously hard to treat. Arbutin tackles them with superb efficacy while being safe and gentle on all skin types, including sensitive skin.  Once on skin, arbutin converts into hydroquinone to help slow pigment production and fade discoloration but unlike topical hydroquinone, arbutin won’t irritate or dry out the skin. 

Both serums are formulated with Kombucha at an active level of 3%.  Kombucha is an extraordinary breakthrough ingredient that’s clinically proven to help brighten, soothe, balance, and protect the appearance of your skin. Probiotics in skincare is one of the biggest beauty trends, with Kombucha leading the way as a vegan all-star.