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Hair Chemist Peppermint Scalp Stimulator 7.1 oz.

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Hair and Scalp Treatment with Peppermint

Hair Chemist Peppermint Scalp Stimulator is a highly effective expertly curated formulation for natural hair care. A Unisex scalp treatment men and women.

Scalp and Hair Treatment

Hair Chemist Peppermint Scalp Stimulator  is expertly formulated with Peppermint Oils. This rich formula nourishes the hair roots while moisturizing, flaky and dry scalp. 


Peppermint Dry Scalp Treatment

The rich nourishing peppermint tingles and soothes the scalp. Ideal hydrating treatment for dry scalp and scalp repair. Scalp moisturizer treatment.

Dry Scalp and Hair Treatment

Natural Peppermint helps detoxify while preventing excess oil accumulation. Helps reduce and prevent scalp itch and irritation. 


Scalp Hydrating Treatment

Soothing formula featuring a natural blend of peppermint to improve and encourage scalp health.

Easy Hair Chemist packaging - Made in USA


7.1 Ounces