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Feathered Slippers (A Creamy Pure Grey) - Protect+ Nail Color w/ Prosina

SKU: PRO5387 UPC: 720817553871

  • Barielle, known for pioneering Hand & Nail Treatments is putting the power in a new Protect + Color Prosina collection.
  • Feathered Slippers is a Creamy Pure Grey nail color. Bavarian style savvy rules this regal boulevard. With nails of creamy pure grey, you're promenade queen, no tiara required.
  • Protect+ Nail Color with Prosina provides flawless coverage along with outstanding durability
  • Prosina based collection is patented ingredient made up of hydrolyzed keratin which moisturizes, strengthens nails, stimulates growth and improves elasticity
  • With the new Protect Plus Color our polypeptide formulation works to repair thin, weak brittle nails while strengthening hard-to-grow nails.

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: United States of America