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Real Basic Facial Serum for Brighter + Even Skin 1 oz.

SKU: RB54-SBE10 UPC: 711716720129


An intensive serum with 8% Ascorbic Acid, optimized with Ferulic Acid, and infused with Kombucha will help rejuvenate and energize dull skin, and will work hard to noticeably brighten and even out your skin’s appearance.

Vitamin C is the queen of skin brighteners and Ascorbic Acid is considered the most stable, effective, and easily absorbed version of the ingredient. This A+ antioxidant guards against skin-aging damage and can trigger an increase in collagen and elastin to keep skin looking smooth, even and glowing.

Ferulic Acid is a superstar antioxidant and is the ultimate sidekick to Vitamin C. Found in the cell wall of plants like bamboo and some fruit seeds, this phenolic antioxidant helps fade discoloration and boost radiance.

Serum for Brighter + Even Skin is also formulated with Kombucha at an active level of 3%. Kombucha is an extraordinary breakthrough ingredient that’s clinically proven to help brighten, soothe, balance, and protect the appearance of your skin. Probiotics in skincare is one of the biggest beauty trends, with Kombucha leading the way as a vegan all-star.